Stacy Zallie

Stacy Zallieteens, 20s, suicide, newjersey, 20002009SUMMARY: Stacy Zallie, age 20, committed suicide on October 1, 2002 after an abortion performed by Steven Chase Brigham at his American Women’s Services in Cherry Hill, NJ.

StacyZallie.pngStacy Zallie
It remains a mystery to George Zallie why his daughter, Stacy, went to Steven Chase Brigham’s “American Medical Services” in Cherry Hill, New Jersey on July 6, 2001 for an abortion. George Zallie didn’t find out about the abortion until after his daughter’s death.

Stacy Lynn Zallie, then a 19-year-old college student, wanted to become an elementary school teacher. “She was very traditional,” her father said. “She had her life planned out. She once told me that by the time she was 25 when wanted to be married with two kids. She wanted to be a mother more than anything else in the world.”

Whatever her reasons for going to Brigham’s abortion clinic, Stacy was provided with a “Fact Sheet on Surgical Abortion” which did not address the risks of major depression or suicide but merely recommended that a patient should talk to a counselor or psychiatrist if she thought she needed help.

She kept the abortion a secret from her family, but they noticed behavior changes. “Stacy was the sort of girl who never came in late, never drank too much. Suddenly, in late 2001, she’s snapping at her mother, going out with friends and getting drunk, just not being herself,” her father said.

On a Saturday in September of 2001, she told her mother she had taken an overdose of pills. Her parents took her to the emergency room then set her up with a psychiatrist. “We didn’t ask her to talk about her sessions,” her father said. “She was at that age, at that stage in her life, when as a parent you don’t want to pry.”

Four months later, without saying why, Stacy quit going to therapy and resumed her drinking binges.

In October of 2002, mere days before she was to serve as a bridesmaid in her brother’s wedding, Stacy took her own life after at least three failed prior attempts at suicide.

In a deposition, Brigham, an abortionist so quacktastic that even abortion-rights groups hate him, said that the fact sheet given to Stacy before her abortion “came from Michael Burnhill and Planned Parenthood.” Stacy’s father, owner of eight ShopRite stores in the Cherry Hill area, has been trying to hold Planned Parenthood and the Allan Guttmacher Institute responsible for the shortcomings of the “Fact Sheet,” so far to no avail.

After learning of the abortion and Stacy’s unbearable anguish afterward, her parents started the **Stacy Zallie Foundation** to provide post-abortion care so that nobody else’s daughter suffers the fate their daughter did. The Zallie family takes no stand on abortion, seeking to keep their focus on providing desperately-needed aftercare to suffering women, regardless of politics, creed, or religion.

Abortion is associated with an increase in all forms of violent death: accident, homicide, and suicide.

Other post-abortion suicides include:

  • Carol Cunningham, age 21, who shut herself in her garage, ran her car, and died from the exhaust fumes in August of 1986
  • Arlin della Cruz, age 19, who hanged herself in the woods near her house in October of 1992
  • Laura Grunas, age 30, who shot her baby’s father and then herself in August of 2006
  • Haley Mason, age 22, who overdosed on pills and alcohol in April of 2001
  • Sandra Roe,” age 18, who killed herself using an unidentified means in April of 1971
  • Sandra Kaiser, age 15, who threw herself off an overpass into traffic in November of 1984



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