CobelSentenced.pngDr. Charles Cobel was held in the 1856 death of Catharine DeBreuxal, the 1858 death of. Amelia Weber, the 1865 death of Emma Wolfer, the 1870 death of Catherine Shields, and the 1875 death of Antoinette Fennor.

He was sentenced to prison for two years in October of 1865 for a fatal abortion, presumably of Emma Wolfer. He served his sentence in Sing Sing, where he spent his time working as a tailor.

Cobel was convicted of :"producing an abortion on Mary Ann Baker, but was indicted for manslaughter in the second degree." He won a new trial in 1862. I have been unable to determine if Mary Ann died, or if the manslaughter indictment was connected to another case. ("A New Trial for Dr. Cobel," New York Times, May 27, 1862)

A doctor named Charles Cobel was also arrested in 1854 in New York for stealing everything -- including the clothes and bedding -- from the apartment of a woman who had died under his care. I do not know if this is the same Cobel.