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In theory, a woman seeking abortion should be less likely to die of ectopic pregnancy complications than a woman intending to carry to term. This is because in theory, the testing and examinations done before, during, and after the abortion should detect the ectopic pregnancy, alerting the woman to her condition and allowing for prompt, life-saving treatment.

In practice, though, women undergoing induced abortion are actually more likely to die of ectopic pregnancy complications than women intending to carry to term. This is because sloppy practices fail to detect the problem. Then, after the abortion, the symptoms of the life-threatening ectopic pregnancy are attributed to the aftereffects of the abortion, keeping the woman from seeking life-saving treatment.

After discovering this alarming trend, the Centers for Disease Control responded by no longer counting these women as legal abortion deaths. Instead, they decided to lump all ectopic pregnancy deaths together. This means that when a woman dies of ectopic pregnancy complications because an abortion prevented prompt diagnosis and treatment, she's not counted as an abortion death; she's counted among the other pregnancy deaths. Her death, if noted by the CDC at all, is then used to bolster the specious argument that abortion is safer than trying to carry to term.

In the sad cases below, you'll see for yourself how abortion facilities needlessly allow these women to die from a treatable condition.

Janyth Caldwell
Janyth bled to death from a ruptured ectopic pregnancy that abortionist George Wayne Patterson failed to diagnose.

Claudia Caventou
Claudia's ectopic pregnancy ruptured during her abortion.

Barbara Dillon
Though the pathology report after Barbara's abortion showed no fetal parts, Barbara wasn't notified. Her ectopic pregnancy ruptured and she died.

Sherry Emry
The clinic didn't tell Sherry about the pathology report that could have saved her lfie. Her friends found her dead in her bed.

Gladyss Estalislao
Abortionist Alan J. Ross failed to diagnose Gladyss's ectopic pregnancy during her abortion. The pregnancy ruptured, and Gladyss collapsed and died in a public restroom.

Josefina Garcia
Josefina hemorrhaged while left unattended after her abortion.

Doris Grant
Documents are unclear as to when and how Doris's ectopic pregnancy was diagnosed; she was already an inpatient for an induced abortion when she was treated.

Kris Humphrey
Kris decided to perform what she thought was a safe herbal abortion on her own, based on friends' recommendations. Her mother pleaded with her to seek treatment for obvious ectopic symptoms, but Kris persisted in dosing herself until she damaged her liver.

Yvette Poteat
Not only did the abortionist fail to diagnose Yvette's ectopic pregnancy, but the fact that she'd had an abortion led to a misdiagnosis at the hospital.

"Denise" Roe
After three attempts to extract Denise's fetus, doctors finally performed a laparotomy and discovered that the fetus had implanted in Denise's abdomen, not her uterus.

Angela Satterfield
The abortionist did not diagnose Angela's ectopic pregnancy. He simply performed an abortion procedure and sent her home. That evening, the undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy ruptured. Angela was found dead in her home.

Laura Sorrels
Laura bled to death in a motel room, her baby daughter by her side, after her abortionist failed to diagnose her ectopic pregnancy.

Magnolia Thomas
Abortion likely played a double role in Magnolia's death, because her two previous abortions increased her risk of ectopic pregnancy, and the doctor failed to diagnose the ectopic during her third abortion.

Brenda Vise
Volunteer Medical Clinic in Tennessee failed to diagnose Brenda's ectopic pregnancy, instead sending her home with abortion drugs. When she called to report her symptoms, they dismissed them as "normal and routine."

Lynette Wallace
Lynette's abortionist at Inglewood Women's Hospital failed to diagnose her ectopic pregnancy, which ruptured and killed her two weeks later.