Abortion 101

Abortion 101primer, history

Abortion Basics
James Davison Hunter lamented that debate on abortion “takes place in a context of colossal ignorance.” A campaign of misinformation has kept most Americans in the dark. These prolife, prochoice, and abortion-neutral sites should fill in the gaps.

**A Primer on “Abortion Distortion”**
A good, solid look at how lies were used to foist off abortion-on-demand in the guise of preventing maternal deaths.

**Abortion History**
Abortion history, with a focus on the United States, and pre-legalization abortionists and practice and criminal abortions.

**Abortion Laws**
A collection of links on abortion laws and court decisions, with a focus in the United States.

**Abortion Mortality**
Abortion is a horrible way for a woman to die. Legalization hasn’t changed that. We don’t even know how many women’s lives legal abortion claims, because nobody’s keeping track.

**Abortion Statistics**
How many abortions are there? Who has them? What kinds of abortions are performed most often?

**Abortion Techniques**
Links on the various methods for performing abortions.

**Cells, Fetuses, and Logic**
Examining the logic behind the morality of prolife thought, as reflected in the stem cell debate.

**Chemical Abortion**
RU-486, methotrexate, misoprostol. A boon to women — or to malpractice attorneys?

**Polls and Attitudes**
A variety of polls and analyses from a variety of sources.

**Prominent liberals says foreigners aren’t people**
Taking apart the proabortion “logic” that claims the 14th Amendment excludes fetuses from “personhood.”

**Save the Baby Humans Foundation**
A collection of summarized abortion information and links.

**State Pro-Life Efforts/Information**
state-by-state listing of life issues resources, news, and organizations. From abortion deaths to local pro-life groups, this is the starting point for finding your state’s information.

**Who’s Who?**
Key players in the life issues culture war, from pro life advocates to abortion enthusiasts, historical figures to contemporary activists.