Abortion Deaths After Roe

Women continue to die, even decades after //Roe vs Wade// struck down all laws against abortion nationwide. If you look at maternal mortality throughout the 20th Century, you can see that there wasn’t any change in the trend at all with legalization of abortion:

external image MaternalMortality.gifClearly something other than legalization was saving women’s lives. And if you don’t have that in mind, it’s easy to believe what abortion supporters say — that it was legalization, not all the many improvements in health, hygiene, nutrition, and medicine — that had such a dramatic impact on maternal mortality.

If you go to the main page and start exploring, you’ll find that the post-Roe deaths are just as tragic, and often just as gruesome, as the worst of the pre-Roe deaths.

Since legalization doesn’t actually produce the intended result — reducing maternal mortality — there’s no point in tolerating it for that reason. If the only reason you ally yourself with the prochoice side is because you think legalization is necessary to prevent needless and horrible deaths, you might want to reconsider.