Abortion Malpractice

Ab/Mal Attorney Resources
Links and information for plaintiff malpractice attorneys undertaking abortion malpractice suits.

Men Behaving //Really// badly
A hard look at misbehavior inside abortion facilities.

The Malpractice Option
A look at Life Dynamic’s program, and the abortion lobby’s reaction.

“The Chicago Method”
How sidewalk counselors can use a doctor’s malpractice history to protect prospective patients.

Abortion Malpractice
When Patient Needs and Abortion Practice Collide

Legal Action for Women
Information and legal referrals for the abortion-injured woman.

A Few Bad Apples?
Is malpractice systemic, or just a case of a few quacks giving the others a bad name?

Steir and NAF in Perspective
Whe the cream of the crop admit to each other what they do in private.

Who Do You Believe?
The contrast between what the National Abortion Federation says, and what they do.

Ignorance and Mushrooms Grow Best in the Dark
What the National Abortion Federation does and doesn’t tell its hotline counselors.

Something new for me in an old article
Pulled bowel and amputation — in cases I’m still trying to track down.