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Louise Derchow

SUMMARY: Louise Derchow, age 23, died August 27, 1887 after an abortion at the San Francisco maternity hospital of Dr. Lucy “Louisa” Hagenow. Lucy “Louise” HagenowLouise Derchow or Dechow, alias Perkelhoff, is the first known victim of notorious criminal abortionist Dr. Lucy Hagenow (pictured). Henry Peckelhoff, a German barkeeper, testified that he and Louise Derchow, […]

Louise Achtenberg

Louise Achtenbergabortionists, abortionistsfemaleLouise Achtenberg was born in Germany in 1849 or 1850. She came to the United States around 1880. Achtenberg self-identified as a midwife, and was identified in newspaper articles as such, but was twice listed as a doctor in the Homicide in Chicago Database. It’s possible that she was a physician, since at […]

Louisa Kimball

Louisa Kimball, September 15, 1854 Age: 25 Born in Vermont, died in Boston from peritonitis. Wife of George Kimball. Massachusetts Death Records, 1841-1915

Louis Ginsburg

In early April, 1927, Arhne Reynolds died at the office of Dr. Louis Ginsburg from an abortion performed on her there that day. Ginsburg was arrested later in the month, and indicted for felony murder in May.

Louchrisser Jackson

Louchrisser Jacksonquackery, 20s, 1970s, texas, inadequateresuscitationSUMMARY: Louchrisser Jackson, age 23, bled to death on November 4, 1977 after an abortion by Robert Gardner at Reproductive Services in Dallas, TX. Louchrisser Ann Jackson, a 23-year-old homemaker and married mother of five, was 12 weeks pregnant when she went to Dr. Robert L. Gardner for a safe […]

Lou E. Davis

Lou E. Davisabortionists, abortionistsfemaleDr. Lou E. DavisIn September of1913, 27-year-old Anna Adler died in Chicago, on the scene of an abortion performed by Dr. Lou. E. Davis that day. Davis was arrested that day, and she was indicted by a Grand Jury in October, but the case never went to trial. In April of 1924, […]

Loretta Rybicki

On September 14, 1928, 20-year-old Stella Wallenberg, a bindery worker, died from a criminal abortion performed in Chicago. Loretta Rybicki, identified as a “massaguer”, was held by the coroner for murder by abortion. Dr. Nicholas Kalinowski was held as an accessory. Rybicki was indicted for felony murder on November 15.

Lorenz Lapsky

On November 26, 1923, 23-year-old Alice S. Johnson died at Chicago’s West End Hospital from a criminal abortion performed there that day. The coroner identified Dr. Lorenz Lapsky as being responsible for Alice’s death. Lapsky was indicted by a grand jury for felony murder on December 15. Lorenz Brown Lapsky was bornin Tacoma, Washington on […]

Loren Franklin

Loren Franklin, age 19, of Buffalo, Missouri, died in August of 1924 in Wichita, Kansas. An inquest was held to verify if Dr. Charles C. Keester had perpetrated a fatal abortion on her. A tentative date of death is August 4. Keester had already been implicated in the abortion deaths of Hattie Myers, age 19, […]

Long Island Gynecological Group

Long Island Gynecological GroupmillsA lawsuit filed by the father of Barbara Dillon, a 22-year-old college student, alleged that Barbara underwent a safe and legal abortionperformed by Dr. Mark Silver at Long Island Gynecological Group April 18, 1981.