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Madaline Motgna

Madaline MotgnaabortionistsfemaleMrs. Ida Prochnow, a 35-year-old German-born woman, died in St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Chicago on in February of 1906 from an abortion performed earlier that day. Midwife Madaline Motgna was arrested in the death.

Maggie Becker

Maggie BeckerabortionistsfemaleIn early January, 1901, Mrs. Julia K. Pettinger (alt. Juliet K.Pettinger) died in her home from an abortion performed there that day. Dr. Maggie Becker was arrested April 24, based on a coroner’s verdict that day. Becker was held to grand jury, tried, convicted, and sentenced to 14 years in Joilet Penitentiary.

Maggie Doe

SUMMARY: “Maggie” died in the early 1940s after an abortion perpetrated by Dr. Emil Gleitsmann of Chicago. While awaiting trial for the abortion death of Marie O’Malley, Dr. Emil Gleitsman was also held culpable during an inquest into the abortion death of a woman I call Maggie Doe. He was convicted in murder in Marie’s […]

Mahlon Cannon

Mahlon Cannonabortionists, abortionistsmaleDr. Mahlon CannonDonna Kay Heim, age 20, went to Her Medical Clinic in August of 1986, accompanied by her sister. Donna told staff that she had asthma, and she noted this on her forms when she filled them out. Despite this pre-existing condition, a nurse anesthetist administered general anesthesia for her safe and […]

Louise Derchow

SUMMARY: Louise Derchow, age 23, died August 27, 1887 after an abortion at the San Francisco maternity hospital of Dr. Lucy “Louisa” Hagenow. Lucy “Louise” HagenowLouise Derchow or Dechow, alias Perkelhoff, is the first known victim of notorious criminal abortionist Dr. Lucy Hagenow (pictured). Henry Peckelhoff, a German barkeeper, testified that he and Louise Derchow, […]

Lucy Hagenow

Lucy Hagenowabortionists, abortionistsfemaleLucy / Louise Hagenow was a prolific abortionist during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. She was born in Germany, most likely in November of 1848, and immigrated to the US in 1869. She used the names Louise and Louisa primarily in San Francisco, switching to Lucy some time after having relocated […]

Lucy Kozolwski

Lucy Kozolwskiabortionists, abortionistsfemaleOn September 26, 1922, 35-year-old homemaker Mary Cybulski, a Polish immigrant, died at her Chicago home from complications of a criminal abortion performed there that day. On November 15, Lucy Kozolwski, whose profession is not given, was indicted for felony murder in Mary’s death.

Luis Barquet

Marina Deschapell, age 34, went to the Miami abortion facility at 620 SW 1st Street for a safe and legal six to eight week abortion on August 17, 1978. Eduardo F. Elias administered Valium and Xylocaine for the abortion.Immediately after the procedure, Elias noticed that Marina was not breathing. He initiated CPR and an emergency […]

M. R. Perlstein

On December 14, 1916, 19-year-old Eleanor Dillon, who worked as a clerk, died at Chicago’s Columbus Hospital from a criminal abortion perpetrated by Dr. M.R. Perlstein that day. Perlstein was arrested December 15, and Michael Schackman and Abraham Kruchersky were held as accessories. Perlstein was acquitted on May 18, 1918.

M. T. Summerlin

M. T. Summerlinabortionists, abortionistsmaleIn February of 1919, W. G. Waters and M. T. Summerlin performed an abortion on 24-year-old Viola Estelle Parr with instruments of some sort, causing her subsequent death on March 1. I determined that both men were physicians, with Summerlin accused of being the father of Viola’s baby and having allowed Waters […]